Despite a wait list to actually use the messaging service, a total of 10 million people have downloaded BlackBerry’s messaging app between iOS and Android. Are you one of them?
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BBM downloads cross 10 million in first 24 hours after launch

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We’ve been skeptical about how BBM will hold up to the competition now that the messaging service has gone cross-platform, but it seems plenty of people are willing to give it a try. BlackBerry announced that their new app surpassed a combined 10 million downloads in the 24 hours following its release.

The number does not translate to 10 million active users, however. After a botched launch in September, BlackBerry is slowly rolling service out to those that have downloaded the BBM app. Many are still waiting for their number to be called.

While the downloads paint a different picture, initial response to the app has been somewhat lukewarm. Many features, such as BBM Video and voice calls, are missing, and the service is not without its bugs. But BBM’s reputation precedes it, which means many will download the app simply to take it for a quick spin. How many continue to use it as a primary messaging platform remains to be seen.

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  • Sean Royce

    10 million users? Gotta be faked if you ask me.

  • Claudio Rudy Liriano

    I think its def real. My Facebook and Instagram is full of pics of friends BBM pin.
    every single post is Bitstrip and BBM pins kinda annoying. I’m loving BBM, but it needs some minor work in my opinion