Despite receiving a pretty hefty update in iOS 7, users still aren’t sold on Siri. The majority has never even used it, and those that have are disappointed.
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Only 15 percent of iOS 7 users have given Siri a try


According to a survey carried out by Intelligent Voice, only 15 percent of those using Apple’s iOS 7 update have ever queried the voice-activated personal assistant Siri. This means the large majority of folks has never given the plethora of enhancements made to Siri in iOS 7 a try. The next question the survey hope to answer: did Apple oversell Siri?

The results of their survey, which counted responses from 2,330 iOS 7 users, show that of the small group that has given Siri a chance, 46 percent find the experience to be a let down. Remember, Siri is the killer feature introduced with the iPhone 4S that was supposed to redefine the way we interact with smartphones.

One group that has bought into Siri’s hype includes Apple’s competitors in the smartphone field. Samsung, Google, Motorola, and others have all introduced their own voice-activated solutions, and Microsoft also has plans, according to recent reports. It’s safe to say, however, that the technology is either a bit too forward thinking or simply not an intuitive and natural way to interact with a smart device.

Now time for our own informal little poll: have you ever used Siri? Was it disappointing?

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