T-Mobile continues the Un-carrier revamp of its wireless service offerings, introducing a tablet option for the first time. The iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display will be offered for $0 down and include 200MB of free monthly data for life.
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T-Mobile to offer iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina for $0 down, includes free monthly data allowance


T-Mobile is continuing their Un-carrier push with the announcement of a new tablet pricing model. Beginning with the iPad Air, tablets will be available for $0 down, with the cost divided into monthly installments. But that’s not all. T-Mobile will also provide a free monthly LTE data allowance of 200MB for life.

The new model means come November 1st buyers can pay nothing up front for a new iPad Air and theoretically pay nothing for a monthly service plan (if they don’t breach the 200MB threshold). Payments for the Air will be divided into 24 monthly installments of $26.25 for the 16GB model. T-Mobile is advertising the deal as no-strings-attached. Buyers do not need to be a current T-Mobile subscriber to take advantage of this new tablet pricing model.

Buyers will also be able to pick up the iPad mini with Retina display under the same deal when it becomes available. Pricing for the tablet will break down $22.08 per month. The standard iPad mini will be available for $17.91 per month. T-Mobile is also accepting tablet trade-ins towards the purchase of a new device.


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  • Edgar Cervantes

    These foos have me. I am going to T-Mobile to get my iPad Mini.

  • Mark Wheeler

    I may get my iPad air sooner than I thought!! Love me some t mobile!!

  • Renkman

    Alright, I can’t see it–where’s the catch?

    New iPad for free, 200MB free per month of LTE AND the price of the device divided over 2 years?! Why wouldn’t everyone do this?

    • Mark Wheeler

      I keep asking friends and relatives, why aren’t you with T-mobile yet?? I switched to them a couple months ago and couldn’t be happier in addition to this and the free personal hot spot they give me plus excellent customer support and good coverage in my area I don’t see how the other guys are gonna be able to stay competitive at this rate!

    • Edgar Cervantes

      There is no catch. I guess they make a bit out of selling the device. And they are banking on you needing more than 200 MB.