Analysts are predicting short supplies for the iPad mini with Retina display as Apple works to build up stock prior to confirming the slate’s official launch date. Is the Retina iPad mini set to be the new gold iPhone 5S?
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More analyst chatter warns of iPad mini with Retina supply constraints

ipad miniWe heard prior to Apple’s official announcement of the iPad mini with Retina display that short supplies of the slate’s namesake LCD panel could lead to stock constraints. Now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag, analysts are once again expressing concern.

Rhoda Alexander of IHS estimates that available supply of the Retina iPad mini will come in at less than one third that of what was available for the iPad mini last year. She went on to say stock would be “ridiculously tight” for the fourth quarter.

Supply issues can be inferred by Apple’s noncommittal attitude toward a launch date for the iPad mini with Retina display. While the iPad Air was given a definitive launch date of November 1st, the new iPad mini was only announced for shipment later in the month. The decision to do so was part of an effort to buy time to increase available launch day stock.

[via The Telegraph]


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