A glitch in the Mac App Store is allowing those using free trials or illegal copies of iWork for OS X to download the latest, full update free of charge. Don’t hatching any schemes, though. Apple has already squashed the possibility.
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Apple ends iWork trial downloads after App Store bug resulted in free updates for unpaid users


Those purchasing new Mac hardware after October 1st weren’t the only folks who received a free update to the latest version of the iWork suite this week. Thanks to a Mac App Store bug, those that had downloaded the 30-day trial of Numbers, Pages, Keynote, and even Aperture were also treated to a free upgrade of the full versions of those apps.

What’s more, folks using the software illegally via pirated serial numbers were also granted a free ticket to the full, legal versions of the updated iWork apps. The reason for this likely stems from how the Mac App Store handles boxed software purchased from the Apple Store or elsewhere.

Users who purchased boxed versions of iWork are able to update via the Mac App Store, but the App Store seems to have no way of verifying whether the product was legally registered. For whatever reason, the little loophole is viewing trial and illegal copies of iWork in the same was as it does software purchased at a brick-and-mortar store.

Apple’s current solution has been to suspend iWork trial downloads. A bigger fix could be in the works, but 9to5Mac speculates it might not even be possible based on the way the App Store handles authentication.

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