New features in latest Vine update unlock greater video editing capabilities, bringing the six-second video sharing app new levels of creative power. This is perhaps the app’s biggest upgrade yet.
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Vine iOS update adds ‘Sessions’ and ‘Time Travel’ for easier video editing


Twitter’s Vine has been a breakout creative medium for many an aspiring video artist. Based on some of the more inspired Vines of our time, it’s hard to believe that until today videos had to be created more or less in a sequential series of uninterrupted takes. An update for the video network’s iOS app changes that with “Sessions” and new “Time Travel” functionality.

Sessions, as the name suggests, allows a user to start and save up to 10 rough drafts at a time. This means any work toward a final six-second clip can be saved and recalled later without fear of losing progress when backing out of the app or checking the Vine feed. Time Travel, on the other hand, allows for easier editing of videos. In the same vein as Instagram, Time Travel allows users to delete earlier sections of a clip, move segments around, and reshoot particular scenes.

For the Vine-obsessed out there, the new features open up many new possibilities. We’re looking forward to how users leverage the new capabilities to create even crazier mini movies.

[via Vine]

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