Were you happy with what Apple introduced at the iPad event last week? Do you wish your iPhone had a larger storage capacity, or are you looking for a reliable application to read your Microsoft documents? Wish there was a viable solution to iTunes that did'y coat an arm and a leg? These topics and many more were talked about in the iSource forums this week. Come join in on the discussion!
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From the forums, this week at iSource


The iSource forums are filled with questions and viewpoints about everything Apple.  In addition to being a place to answer your questions, the forums are a great place to find out about the latest games being released, and catch up on all the rumored Apple news that came out during the week.  At iSource, we have a large forum with thousands of entries on a wide variety of subject matter?  Here are just a few of the topics our readers were discussing this past week.

What to expect from Apple’s iPad event

Apple’s Special Fall iPad Event is tomorrow at 1 pm EST. Here’s a great summary of what we are expecting from the event.

Docs Reader for Microsoft Office

This app allows you to view and manage your Spreadsheets, Microsoft Word or PDF documents, Power Point presentations or text files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

You can transfer files from your device to your PC or Mac and vice versa through wifi or USB Or surf the web using the built-in browser and download files directly from the internet.

96GB iPhone?

I searched a 32G Wifi USB flash drive online, which serves as a storage device shared by several PCs or cellphones at the same time through Wifi. And it can make WiFi hotspots itself – means you can use it without a wireless router. In the product introduction, there is “free app for IOS and android”
(SSK) WFD001 32G Wi-Fi + USB 3.0 Super Speed Flash Disk CUD-207081 – TinyDeal
That means I can use my iPhone to read files in the wireless U disk without iTunes as intermediary software? So it’s possible to increase my iPhone storage (64GB)to 96GB ?

 Free music file transfer application?

Anyone familiar with a free file transfer system to move music between iOS devices and an external hard drive without using iTunes?

I have tried a few, but most offer very little for free. Doesn’t need to be fancy, barebones is fine, as long as it works

Remember, if you don’t see what you’re looking for you can always start a post of your own and solicit the help and opinions of other iSource readers, members and moderators.  It just takes a few minutes of your time to register and create a username.

When your ready, stop by the iSource Community and introduce yourself, hang out in the Lounge, or hit up one of several topical sections and catch up on device info, software or the latest jailbreak tweak.  The forums are all about you, our readers.  The more you visit, the more the forums grow, and the better and more informed they become.  Can’t wait to see you there!


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