Did Apple really have plans to release the iPad and iPad mini in gold? The idea was indeed tossed around and test models were produced, but the results simply weren’t as expected.
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Gold iPad leaks weren’t faked, just not in Apple’s plans


In the lead up to Apple’s iPad unveiling event, we saw plenty of leaks that would suggest the direction Apple would go with their latest tablets. Some panned out, like the redesigned iPad Air, while others, like Touch ID, did not come to fruition. With the popularity of the color option for the iPhone 5S, when leaks of the iPad in a gold finish surfaced, many saw it as an almost certainty. So where was the gold iPad at last week’s announcement?

According to Daring Fireball, the leaked models we saw in a gold finish were not faked (and if they were, they were at least based in truth). Apple did indeed create production samples of the device in that color. The results simply did not tickle those in charge and plans were scrapped. The same goes for black variants as well. That model was foregone in favor of space gray.

Will we ever see a gold iPad down the line? Unless the color is tweaked for the folks at Apple have a change of heart on the matter, probably not. But if public demand increases, the option might still be on the table.

[via Daring Fireball]

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