During a Google+ event today the company detailed changes coming to the social network’s iOS app, including true background photo syncing and full-sized photo backups.
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Google+ for iOS’ next update to include background sync for full-sized photo backups

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During an event today to announce changes coming to Google+, Google did have a bit of news for users of their social network with iOS devices. It was announced that the next update to Google+ for iOS will feature background sync for photos, including full-sized photo backups.

The announcement has generated a bit of confusion. Google said challenges presented in iOS had previously only made it possible to sync photos taken with an iPhone or iPad’s camera while the G+ app was open. However, the iOS app has featured an “Auto Backup” setting for several versions. Perhaps Google was referring to backing up full-sized photos in the background.

Either way, expect a new version of Google+ for iOS in the coming days. While there has been plenty of skepticism about Google’s take on social networking since its launch, the internet giant seems all-in on the matter. Regardless of public opinion, don’t expect G+ to go anywhere anytime soon. [More]


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