iOS 7 has polarized a lot of Apple users. Some love it, others hate it. And then there's those who fall somewhere in between, like me. But even in my mild-mannered state, I can't help but get annoyed with some of these curious iOS miscues.
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In honor of Halloween, here are some of the spookiest iOS 7 miscues


The jury is still out on iOS 7.  The user opinions range from “refreshing” and “much needed” to “they could’ve done better” and “OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!”  I, myself, reside somewhere in the middle.  I like the much-touted layer effect.  The animations are nice, for the most part (more on this later).  Swiping right to go back a screen is one of those “how did I ever use my phone without this feature?” cases.

But there are some maddening aspects of iOS 7 that can drive me to the point where I want to hurl my iPhone against a brick wall.


Anyone involved in the designing or approval process for this part should be fired, re-hired, and then fired again.  It’s not a good sign if the time it takes my icons to settle after unlocking my iPhone reminds me of loading web pages with a 56K dial-up connection.  The animation itself is great.  I like it a lot better than iOS 6 and before.  But timing-wise?  It’s horrible.  I just did a test right now and, in the time it took me to unlock my phone, I grew a beard that would make anyone on the Boston Red Sox jealous.


Where oh where did the month view go for the Calendar app?  I know, I know.  It’s there in the sense that you can view all of the dates in the month in one screen.  But with iOS 6, tapping on a specific date would display the day’s event(s) below while keeping the entire month visible.  Now, tapping on a specific date expands that day to take up the entire screen.  You have to tap the month at the top to see all the dates again.  Everyone uses Calendar differently – if they use it at all – but I don’t understand why this feature was removed.  However, this is a minor annoyance compared to…


This gives the unlock animation a run for its money in the “how the heck did this get green lighted?” category.  Before iOS 7, tapping on an artist revealed a list of all the albums you had for that artist.  You could then tap to see all the songs or go right to a specific album.  But now, tapping on an artist automatically shows every song, broken down by album, of course.  I guess this is fine if the artist has one or two albums, but when you have musicians with ten or twenty-plus albums, it can take a while to find the one you want.  Sure, you can tap on albums and find it that way, but browsing by artist was always my go-to.  Even worse, the albums are displayed in chronological order.  So if you don’t have the release years for your albums in iTunes, the artist view won’t be in any kind of discernible order.  At the very least, Apple could easily add a toggle in Settings for this.  But for now, it makes me grouchy.

Of the three issues I listed here, the only one I see having a chance at being ‘fixed’ is the unlock animation.  My gripes with Calendar and Music are about the apps becoming too simplistic, which was one of the main focuses of the iOS team, so it stands to reason that I’m going to be grouchy for a long time.

What do you guys think about these issues?  Do they bother you as well?

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