Initial iPad Air battery tests show a tablet that can operate up to 24 hours as a standalone LTE hotspot. How has battery performance been over your first weekend with the slate?
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How is your iPad Air’s battery life?


So the iPad Air has seen the its first weekend post-launch go by, giving early adopters a chance to fully test some of the tablets finer points. AnandTech, known for their ever in-depth technical reviews of the latest gadgets, put the latest iPad’s power cell through the paces.

The results more or less matched what Apple promised — 10 hours of use on average. Where the iPad Air excelled was battery life as an LTE hotspot. When operating as a WiFi base with the display off, the Air provided just over 24 hours of battery life, matching the stamina of the fourth-generation iPad.

With our test unit seeing average use (a few hours a day) over the past 72 hours, we’ve yet to run through a full power cycle. How about you? How do you rate the battery performance of the iPad Air?

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  • Left the house at 5:30 AM with new iPad air in tow. Showed it off to coworkers and friends while connected to Wi-Fi. Surfed the web, emailed, played games, performed research and basically placed my iPad air through the riggers. At 1pm my battery life was at 71%. I’d called that quite impressive.