After spending a few months in update limbo, Apple’s Remote is being treated to its iOS 7 refresh. Latest update includes iTunes 11 support and is available as a free download now.
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Better late than never: Apple’s Remote for iPhone and iPad gets iOS 7 update


While the majority of Apple’s first-party apps for iOS wee updated alongside the launch of iOS 7, a select few have been in limbo. We can take Remote for iPhone and iPad off of that list. The app, which allows users to control iTunes on a Mac, PC, or Apple TV from their smartphone or tablet, saw its iOS 7 update today.

Officially version 4.0, this new edition of Remote brings an overhauled UI to match the design standards of Apple’s latest mobile platform update. Functionality remains largely the same, save for the addition of iTunes 11 support.

Remote is one of several Apple-made apps to not come pre-installed on iOS devices. It is available, however, as a free download from the App Store.


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