The Wall of Sound 2.0 combines 44 speakers, 2 subwoofers, and 8,000 watts of power to create one of the most insane iPhone docks we have ever seen. You’ll want to grab some earplugs for this one.
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Wall of Sound iPhone dock is back and bigger than ever


Remember the Wall of Sound iPod dock? While the laughably large footprint measuring 3-by-4 feet, it seemed more a viral marketing gimmick than anything else. If the original was crazy, its successor is pure insanity. Introducing the Wall of Sound 2.0.

Where the first Wall of Sound featured 28 speakers, version 2.0 ups the ante with 44. With a pair of subs and 8,000 watts of pure power, you could open up a drum-and-bass club with only one of these guys.

The volumes produced by the Wall of Sound 2.0 are so excessive, in fact, that the “dock” has a built in monitoring system (represented by a small, glowing monkey) to let you know when you are listening to music at levels safe for your ears. Let the system play at too high a volume for too long and it will automatically shut down.

The dock features Bluetooth controls via its own app, so you don’t even need to plug an actual device in. But that’s missing the hilarity that is docking a tiny phone into a giant array of speakers dressed trying to pass itself along like a typical set of smartphone speakers. The Wall of Sound 2.0 is far from typical, and so is its price tag. All that power will cost you. When it launches next February, expect a price tag of $6,900.

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  • bikdav

    This sounds like a modern (but crazily overpriced) improvisation on the stereo console days of the 60s and 70s. That said, I’d like to hear this ‘Wall of Sound’ – if it is available at a walk-in dealer.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It can also be used as a massage bed. Just get some ear plugs, bump the volume up and lay on top of it. lol