The latest Facebook app update seems to be a disaster for many iPhone users. Read on to see what some are experiencing.
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Facebook Update: Epic Fail [UPDATED]


I haven’t updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 7 yet, so I still manually update my apps (as opposed to having automatic updates turned on in the iOS7 App Store setting). Daily, then, I visit the App Store and update my apps: it’s just routine for me.

This morning I was angered – no, livid is a better word – for the recent Facebook app update attempt. Rarely have I seen an app fail to update, and even the rare times I have, either an iPhone reboot or app delete and reinstall have alleviated the failed update.  But not today.

Something seems amiss even when visiting the app update in the App Store: Where’s the icon?  The download attempt leaves a blank icon on my jailbroken iPhone 4S (iOS 6.1.2)





In trying to update – or even do a fresh install – this error repeatedly occurs, and hitting “Retry” results in the error returning.

Facebook continually fails to update – or even download for that matter. While I am not overly concerned about this, I know many, MANY people who need a FaceBooky to monitor their social networking addiction and this latest debacle for a publicly traded company is completely unacceptable.






Could this be isolated to a iOS 6.1.2 jailbroken iPhone 4S issue? Unlikely. The App Store
reviews show the anger with the latest update (6.7.1) at a low 1.5 stars, and honestly I do not know how they averaged the 0.5 above the 1 star. (By the way, I turned off Automatic Update on my iOS iPads until this is corrected.)

What about you? Are you stuck without a Facebook app now too?  Are you stuck in the cycle of doom?


UPDATE: Others have corroborated that this wasn’t isolated to my jailbroken, iPhone 4S with iOS 6. Installation on iPads have also stalled.

Additional UPDATE: At 2pm, after repeated attempts, one magic moment the app began loading, installed, and has operated since without crashing.

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  • Mandeep Sandhu

    It’s happening on ios7 too (non jail-broken)! Stuck since yesterday! Dam irritating!

  • Erickbernal27

    I was stuck trying to download it (iPhone 5S iOS 7.0.3) But I was able to download it today with no problem.

  • tjedison

    Worked fine here after stalling once, iPhone 5s iOS 7. I also think it’s not very fair to call out any software for failing on a jailbroken device.

    • Jay

      Point taken, and that is why I gave full disclosure – as well as pointing out the over 3000 1-star reviews in the App Store

    • Renkman

      Same thing happened to me on non-jailbroken iPad 3 running iOS 7.0.3. I don’t think the jailbreak had anything to do with it. Updated the next day fine, though.

  • Scott Anderson

    The fail here is that you used the device against the manufacturer’s instructions and then complained when it didn’t work properly. Next I suggest you break a window and then sue the manufacturer because bugs are getting in your house.

  • Teh_Babyarm

    Just updated. Working fine for me.