Luc Julia, former Siri director at Apple, left the company last year to join Samsung. He recently showcased what he has been working on: a connected device platform dubbed SAMI.
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Ex-Siri director introduces SAMI platform with Samsung


Luc Julia, former director of Apple’s Siri division, has been working on a new project with Samsung for the better part of the past year. As an “Innovation Fellow.” Julia has developed SAMI, a platform that seeks to collate data from connected devices and present it in the form of a single-serve application.

SAMI, which stands for Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions (and sounds like the long-lost brother of Siri), was demonstrated last week. Julia showcased the platform’s ability using a Fitbit, heat rate monitor, and WiFi scale, gathering the data and using SAMI to present it in a comprehensive way. Typically, each device would require a separate app. SAMI even showed its Siri roots by responding to voice commands.

Julia’s move isn’t news. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been with Samsung since last December. SAMI as a platform doesn’t seem to compete directly with Siri, either. It is interesting, however, to see how a man responsible for aiding the development of one of the bigger iPhone initiatives at Apple is now working directly with perhaps the company’s biggest hardware competitor. 

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