Keezy is a new music-making app, a simple beatbox/drum machine that allows you to record your own samples and then play them back, layering as you go to create musical masterpieces.
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Keezy turns your phone into a beatbox, see Reggie Watts demonstrate

Keezy, a new music making app available in the App Store today, is simple, but in skilled hands it can be pretty awesome. Just take famed comedian/musician Reggie Watts as an example. In a video accompanying the launch of the app he lays down a dope beat using only the tool provided by Keezy.

Those tools? Eight square-shaped triggers. To create samples, a user simply holds down the button to record whatever sound they choose (voice, instrument, ambient birdsong). Tapping a trigger begins playback. The sounds can then be layered to create music, sweet music.

Not everyone will be pumping out the hits like Reggie immediately — Watts has quite the history of using samples and loop recorders to turn his voice into a one-man band. But Keezy is a fun and easy way for all to enjoy a little bit of audio wizardry. With a little skill, it might even trigger a masterpiece or two.

[via Keezy]

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