Apple has redesigned the Smart Cover to match the redesigned iPad Air, but is it a must-have accessory? Read our review and find out what’s new and whether or not you should buy one to compliment Apple’s sleek new slate.
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iPad Air Smart Cover review

Apple’s iPad Air Smart Cover is equal parts protective layer and tablet stand, and as a purchase it’s almost a no-brainer. If you have past experience with the accessory you probably understand why, but if not, here are our impressions of the latest iteration.

Smart Design


As with the iPad Air (see our full review here), the latest Smart Cover has seen a design makeover. Obviously, the size has changed to accommodate the new dimensions of the Air, and this leads to a few other tweaks.

No longer is the Smart Cover a four-panel operation. It’s folding segments now number three. The cover also features no visible moving parts. Older iterations featured an exposed metal hinge where the case attached magnetically to the side of the iPad. This is no longer the case with the iPad Air’s version.

The case’s polyurethane panels are wrapped with a soft-touch material on the outward facing side and a velvet/felt lining on the side that comes in contact with the iPad’s edge and display. These material extends over the entirety of the cover and creates the hinge.


When attached, the Smart Cover does little to add to the overall footprint of the tablet. Added thickness is marginal (a little over a millimeter). About the only noticeable addition is at the point where the cover’s hinge attaches to the tablet. It has no effect on the Air’s portability, however.

The Smart Cover is available in a variety of covers, all of which mirror the design language of iOS 7. As with the iPhone 5C, color choices are of the bright, pastel variety (save for the more stark black option).

Smart Functionality

Functionally, the Smart Cover is nearly identical to previous versions produced by Apple. The case attaches to the iPad Air by magnetic force alone and remains attached quite firmly. Strategically placed magnets on either side of the folding panels help to keep the case against the display or back of the device when closed or opened, respectively. The magnet also acts to trigger a sensor that will wake the device when lifting the Smart Cover.

Unfortunately, the magnetic connections aimed at keeping the cover closed (or open) aren’t quite as strong as the one attaching the case to the iPad overall. It isn’t a deal breaker, but more often than not the Smart Cover will flop around a bit when holding the tablet.


When these edge magnets are used to fashion the cover into a tablet stand, the results are much better. The Smart Cover can fold into a triangular stand that can be used to hold the iPad Air in several position. Best used for landscape orientations (the slate can be positioned to either stand more upright or lay closer to a surface), it is also possible to stand the tablet in portrait mode. This is a less stable arrangement and probably not recommended by Apple.

If there is one drawback to using the Smart Cover in stand mode it is that it offers a good deal of give. This means interacting with the iPad Air via touch controls causes the tablet to bounce a bit. A second hand is needed to offer stability. Fortunately, as long as the stand has been formed correctly (felt side facing out), there is little risk of the whole thing collapsing. It’s actually pretty sturdy.

Smart Buy

The Smart Cover adds a level of functionality and protection to the iPad Air that makes it almost a required buy for those picking up the tablet. It’s a wonder Apple doesn’t bundle the thing with the tablet in the first place. While some may prefer the naked tablet experience, the Smart Cover adds a splash of personality while serving a quite useful purpose.

For those seeking even more protection for their premium tablet, there is Apple’s Smart Case. The Smart Case duplicates the form and function of the Smart Cover, but its front panel comes attached to a case that envelops the back of the tablet, preventing scratches and other damage.

At $39.99, the Smart Cover doesn’t come cheap. But it’s a small price to pay for its stylish, multi-purpose design.

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  • fustian24

    I really like the smart cover except for one thing.

    I’ve broken two iPads with the blasted thing on.

    Turns out when you drop an iPad what you REALLY want is corner coverage. The iPad lands on a corner and that kind of impact is guaranteed to crack the glass on the face.

    Interesting the glass shards are still glued to the tablet so the blasted thing still works although you need to be careful not to slice a finger.

    The other cover does a nicer job of protecting the corners. You drop one of those and you have a shot at not breaking the face of your iPad.

    • Truffol

      Ditto. If you were to get the Smart Cover you should also get a separate back cover, or just go with the Smart Case or one of many folio options on Amazon.

      When it comes to shattered screens, it’s actually worse that the iPad uses adhesives compared to the iPhone’s screw-on construction. If you are to replace a broken iPad screen on your own you’d actually have to scrape up the glass shards piece by piece…it’s a pain.

      It also makes me wonder how Apple will be able to provide in-store repair service if the iPad has such low repairibility. (I know they are only going to provide iPhone repair service in store later this year, but it should be a matter of time before they expand it to iPads too)

      • fustian24

        One of the things they do is replace your iPad with a “re-conditioned one”. I expect this will often be the solution.