Word on the street is that Apple will offer the iWatch in 1.3 and 1.7-inch display options to cater to the differing wrist sizes of men and women. Has Apple ever been in the business of targeting products at specific genders, though?
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Report: Men and women’s iWatch will come in two different sizes

iwatch concept

An iWatch concept

After reports that Apple has delayed work on the so-called iTV to dedicate time and resources to the launch of wearable products last year comes news of two potential size categories for the long-rumored iWatch. The goal of two different watch sizes is to accommodate both male and female users, according to David Hsieh of DisplaySearch.

The result would be models with 1.3-inch and 1.7-inch OLED screens that could launch as soon as the end of this year. More likely Apple will reveal its plans for a line of wearable tech sometime in 2014.

More interesting will be Apple’s attempts to market each device as gender-specific, if these rumors pan out. While Apple has offered its share of color options for devices like the iPod and iPhone that skew toward the feminine, the company has never drawn any clear distinctions about a device’s intended audience. Other companies have made attempts to market female-oriented mobile products with little success.

If Apple does launch two size categories, my money says they won’t directly categorize either as targeted at men or women. Instead, it may suggest that angle more subtly through advertising and marketing.

[via The Korea Herald]

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