Neglected but not forgotten, iBooks has finally gotten an iOS 7 makeover (and new icon) several months after the platform update initially became available to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. Apple also launched an iOS 7 version of iTunes U.
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iBooks finally ends flirtation with skeuomorphism, joins the iOS 7 ranks


When Apple ditched its skeuomorphic design tendencies in the shift to iOS, not all apps made the transition immediately. Perhaps the most notable example was iBooks. Apple has finally gotten around to launching a redesigned version of the app (as well as educational spinoff iTunes U), including a brand new icon that surely brings joy to Jony Ive’s heart.

That is not to say Apple has been ignoring their ebook platform. In fact, they dedicated a good deal of press to the addition of iBooks in Max OS X Mavericks. This fact made it even more perplexing that iBooks is among the last of Apple’s first party apps to see a makeover in the colorful, flattened style of iOS 7.

Stylistically, the new version of iBooks mirrors the overhauled Newsstand app that has been available since the launch of Apple’s latest mobile platform update. Additionally, the iBookstore has also seen a much-needed revamp.

The updates to both iBooks and iTunes U are available now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as free downloads from iTunes/the App Store. Follow the link below for more.

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