The latest iPad and iPhone stock tracking website isn’t located where you might expect, buried within the pages of a website devoted to the conservation of sea turtles. Could this get any more weird?
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How long will this obscure iPad mini availability tracker stay online?


Last week Apple ordered the shutdown of a third-party iPhone and iPad stock tracking website. Could the same be coming for a new tracker geared toward the iPad mini with Retina display? And does it matter that the site is tucked away behind

Yes, you read that right. The latest iDevice tracker is, for whatever reason, embedded deep within a site focused on the conservation of endangered Sea Turtles. A subpage provides a state-by-state view of available Retina iPad mini stock broken down by wireless configuration, carrier, and storage capacity. Moving up one spot in the directory, the site provides a tool to search by zip code for iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPhone 5S stock at nearby locations.

We’re scratching our heads to figure out how the conservation of a majestic sea creature has anything to do with aiding folks in locating hard-to-find Apple products. is a registered non-profit based in North Carolina. And this, my friends, is truly bizarre.

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  • Truffol

    That’s how they stay away from Apple’s radar right? But the tracker will likely be shortlived before getting another takedown notice by Apple’s lawyers….