The team of designers behind the Flamio LED lamp have created something very special. They have designed a low energy, adjustable LED lamp that has countless variations of use, functionality and appearance, and is a must for every workstation.
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Flamio LED Lamp review


If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time behind a keyboard and monitor.  There are some days where my screen-time may be in excess of 10 hours a day.  Whether it be for work or play, most of the time I spend working at my computer is either very early in the morning, or in the late evening.  Bloggers are notoriously night creatures who often are up at all hours of the night piecing together that in-depth article they spent so much time on, or putting the final touches on the next great review.  Either way, more often than not, I’m the last one to bed at my house, occasionally hours after the rest of my family is fast asleep.


When I’m working at night my time is either spent at a poorly lit desk or in the dark so as not to keep my wife awake with the bright light.  That was, until I was introduced to the Flamio LED lamp.  The Flamio is nothing like any table lamp I have ever seen or used before.  Just like the Apple products I review and write about, the Flamio has a minimalistic design that is both elegant and beautiful while still extremely functional and built to last.

Flamio assembly and set-up

The Flamio is very easy to assemble and set-up.  All you need is a small screwdriver to attach the metal plated tracks to the base.  Then add the adjustable lamp head to the desired location on the track and connect the power supply cord.  Simple, elegant, minimalistic and extremely functional.


What makes the Flamio LED lamp different?

The Flamio is an energy saving, low voltage, high performance LED lamp.   On the high setting the Flamio uses 9W of power, while the low-light setting uses only 3.5W of power.  This low wattage provides a potential energy savings of 85% over a typical 60W incandescent lamp.  In addition to the benefits provided by the adjustable lamp design, the warm, natural lighting doesn’t hurt your eyes because infrared and ultraviolet rays are excluded.  The LED lamp provides up to 30,000 hours of regular use, so if you use your lamp for ~4 hours a day, it will still be working more than 20 years later!


Future plans and development

As with any great idea, the designers of Flamio need your support to make this lamp a reality and bring it to market.  They currently are on Indiegogo, with plans to launch on Kickstarter.  Future plans are to make the Flamio portable for the top circle lamp and the base and include USB Charging.  In addition they are developing the idea of a re-chargeable version, and a backup power bank to charge mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and other devices via a 10V charger. The designers also see a future for the Flamio in hotel lobbies and guest rooms, with available charging scenarios there as well.   This seems like a perfect fit with the long-life of the LED lamp and beneficial energy savings.


Final thoughts

I must admit, I was intrigued by the Flamio the first time I saw it.  When I received mine in the mail to review, I was impressed with the ease of which I was able to assemble it and put it to use.  The high performance magnets keep the LED lamp_very_secure.  I never felt as though the lamp was going to come apart or break at any time.  I love being able to personalize the lighting at my workstation without illuminating the whole room.  I really appreciate the dual brightness settings and the countless variations in the adjustable nature of the lamp.  I look forward to seeing what the design team at Flamio has planned for future versions of the lamp.  Perhaps the only suggestion I would have is with regard to the metal tracks the lamp is attached to.  I wish that the tracks were able to be folded or compacted in some manner for transport.  With the Flamio, I found myself wanting to take it with me to work and back home again, and that was a little cumbersome in its current form.  Not a big deal, just at it to the wish-list.

If after reading this review you, too, want to support the Flamio LED lamp, please make sure you go to their home page and then visit Indiegogo to help make it happen.  They need your support.


  • Body: Plastic (ABS, PC)
  • Net Weight:1KG
  • Track: Metal plating
  • Magnets: Permanent Magnet
  • Light Source: High CRI Ra >83, 3528 LED Chips, 105Pcs
  • Power : Full 9W,Low 3.5W
  • Color Temperature: Neutral White (4500K), Warm White (2700K), Cool White (6000K)
  • Input Voltage: 100~240VAC/50-60Hz, 19V DC
  • Input Current: 1A
  • Operation Temperature: -10℃ ~ 60℃
  • LED Lifetime: Up to 30,000 hours
  • Dimming Switch Model: OFF – FULL – LOW Circle

The Flamio LED Lamp was provided for review on by FlamioLife.  For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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  • Herry

    It looks somehow cool, modern and very suitable for my office desk.I would like to buy one.

  • Renkman

    Herry, you need to buy one then. Either click on the link and support them on indegogo, or wait for the Flamio to show up on Kickstarter. Personally, I think they stand a much better chance of funding on kickstarter.