Rumors of Apple’s interest in Israeli startup PrimeSense have again surfaced, reaching a boiling point as those close to the matter say a deal is nearly a done deal. What could Apple want with the company behind Microsoft’s Kinect?
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Apple nearing $345 million deal to acquire company behind Microsoft’s Kinect


After first cropping up this summer, rumors of Apple’s desire to acquire Israeli tech startup PrimeSense, the company behind the technology powering Microsoft’s Kinect, are again taking center stage. Over the weekend it was reported that the two had reached a deal for some $345 million, but reports have since backtracked to say only that talks were in the very advanced stages.

PrimeSense denied the matter, calling talk of an acquisition by Apple the result of “re-cycled rumors.” However, those with sources close to the matter still believe a deal to be very likely with only a few details to be ironed out.

One of those details is the valuation of PrimeSense. When news broke over the summer, word was Apple would spend some $280 million. The number has risen to where it sits now at $345 million.

PrimeSense could be a smart acquisition for Apple, not unlike their bid for the company behind Siri. The technology acquired as part of that deal has become a central part of the iOS ecosystem. Similarly, could PrimeSense form the core of new methods of user interaction in mobile, desktop, and living room applications?

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