Rumors of a 13-inch iPad are becoming a reality as reports indicate Apple supply partners have begun production of a larger Retina display for this purpose. Is an early 2014 launch in the cards?
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Report: Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad to launch early 2014, production already underway


While a 12.9-inch iPad doesn’t sound entirely plausible at first, the evidence is adding up to suggest we will see just that in early 2014. According to The Korea Times, Apple has already placed orders with it display suppliers in Asia for a 12.9-inch Retina panel that will form the basis of the new tablet.

Recent industry buzz has claimed a larger iPad as a distinct possibility, with rumors pointing to a device somewhere in the 11 to 13-inch category. One report claimed we could see the tablet in March of next year. News of displays already entering production suggests an early 2014 launch is likely.

The 12.9-inch panels are said to feature a resolution nearing that of ultra high-definition. UHD is defined as a resolution twice that of 1080p Full HD, so it’s feasible that the display will register close to 3840 x 2160 pixels. The actual spec remains unknown.

Apple fought the inevitable for as long as possible, but it seems the company will finally give into the market in 2014, launching a range of mobile devices featuring new display sizes, potentially including two new iPhones featuring large display sizes. Has Apple prepared its ecosystem well enough for the potential fragmentation? Will we finally see the day when Android fans can throw that trope right back at iOS users?

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