The makers of Paper bring us Pencil, a Bluetooth stylus that (at least in terms of design) puts all others to shame. It brings a bit of old school to modern digital illustration.
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FiftyThree unveils gorgeous Bluetooth stylus, artists rejoice


FiftyThree has introduced the perfect real-world counterpart for its sketching and illustration app Paper. The aptly named Pencil aims to do for the stylus what Paper did for drawing apps: give a tactile, real-world feel to digital input.

Pencil utilizes Bluetooth LE and promises over a month of use on a single charge. It boasts such features as palm rejection (you won’t have to worry about resting your hand on your iPad’s display while drawing), an eraser end, and the ability to blend and smudge using your finger.

Available in two finishes, Pencil starts at $50 for a “Graphite” model in brushed aluminum and $60 for the “Walnut” finish in sustainable hardwood and is compatible with Retina display iPads and the iPad mini. The below video provides a closer look, but be warned: those with motion sickness might want to avoid this one.

[via FiftyThree]

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  • tjedison

    good lord, what’s with the back-and-forth camera? whose idea was that?