Will Google deliver Play Newsstand more expediently than it did Play Music? Early 2014 is the closest we are getting to a time commitment for the combined service to replace Play Magazines and Google Currents.
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Google’s new Play Newsstand will come to iOS early next year

Today Android users received the fruits of Google’s efforts to combine the once-separate Google Play Magazines and Google Currents. The result was Google Play Newsstand, an app not unlike the one of the same name offered by Apple and currently available to all iOS users. Google’s Newsstand will also find a home on iPhones and iPads, bringing a more robust experience than Currents currently offers.

According to a Google spokesperson speaking with Engadget, iOS users can expect Newsstand to arrive sometime in early 2014. It will replace the already available Currents app when it makes its debut.

When discussing Google’s Newsstand on iOS, we might look to the saga of Google Play Music for reference. Google took its time delivering the app to iOS users, and when it did show up it lacked the ability to purchase new music or subscribe to the All Access service directly from the app. The same will likely apply for Newsstand, as Google isn’t too keen on giving Apple a cut of its in-app sales. Users will need to curate their Newsstand selections on the web before having them delivered to the app.


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