Apple has finally made official a deal that sees the Cupertino tech giant acquire PrimeSense for $360 million. PrimeSense is best known as the company behind the technology utilized by Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect.
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A done deal: Apple acquires PrimeSense for $360M


Last week saw whispers of a potential acquisition of PrimeSense by Apple turn into audible chatter. This week opens with word that a deal has been made official. Apple will takeover the company behind the technology used in Microsoft’s Kinect for $360 million.

Both parties have confirmed that a deal is indeed in place, but neither is speaking on future plans. Apple has issued a generic statement that typically accompanies news of Cupertino’s acquisitions. PrimeSense fired off a “no comment.”

The $360 million figure surpasses the $345 million price tag associated with the purchase last week. It far surpasses the $280 million PrimeSense was supposedly valued at over the summer.

While Apple’s plans remain somewhat of a mystery, given PrimeSense’s history with motion detection natural user interfaces it would be far fro surprising to see this technology worked into future iOS and Mac products. An obvious first step is developing touch-free controls for Apple products, but as we have seen with the latest iteration of Xbox Kinect, the groundwork for more intriguing and novel methods of device interaction has already been laid.

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  • Charles

    Its time for the legitimate tech companies to team up and get rid of the Google gangsters. All Google does is bootleg and peddle smut. Thats thier business model. They can do anything as long as its through the whole in the sheet. Lobby Congress, write new laws, Google needs to go away for good.