A text message from the victim of an iPhone theft triggered an interesting response from the criminal responsible. The phone wasn’t returned, but did the crook deliver the next best thing?
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iPhone thief returns hand-written list of 1000 contacts, but no phone

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When Zou Bin fell victim to an iPhone thief after he split a cab with the perpetrator, he did what many with a similar experience have done: he sent a text message pleading with the crook to return his phone. That, of course, did not happen, but the thief was not entirely unsympathetic.

Several days later Bin received a package (he had instructed the robber to return his phone to the home address stored in his contacts) that, while it did not include his iPhone, contained the SIM card that was pulled from the phone along with a handwritten list of stored contacts, all 1000 of them. The list spanned 11 pages.

A smarter criminal might have realized that those contacts were likely already backed up in the cloud, rendering the whole exercise moot. Unless the point of it was to atone for the crime that was perpetrated, in which case we are certainly dealing with on guilt-riddled crook.

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  • Nice stock image, bro. Seriously though, they nailed it. Lol

  • Brett

    A guilt ridden crook would have returned the phone.

  • Steve_Sava

    Could the victim have locked out the phone and made a boat anchor? New iOS 7 makes it impossible to reuse the iPhone.