Jawbone has partnered with Liquipel to offer buyers the option to have their Jambox or Mini Jambox waterproofed out of the factory for an additional $50.
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Jawbone’s Jambox line now offers water resistant option


The folks at Jawbone have teamed up with Liquipel to offer buyers the option to waterproof their portable wireless speaker out of the factory. Available for both the standard Jambox and the mini version, an extra $50 will provide an IPX-5 rating for water resistance.

You might remember Liquipel as the company that offers to waterproof your phone (at a price) using a special pressurized chamber and proprietary coating that protects a device inside and out. Their partnership with Jawbone marks one of the first instances of Liquipel’s service being offered as a factory option.

The Jambox is already quite sturdy, but a little added protection could go a long way, especially for those that get the most use out of their speaker outdoors.

[via Engadget]

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