Today's traditional Black Friday sales at brick-and-mortar stores are blitzing the airwaves to draw your attention. What about those deals that you can find from the comfort of your home? Take a peek at some of the deals of which we're aware.
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Black Friday sales announced! [UPDATED]

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Who isn’t a fan of saving money? After all, the more moolah we tuck away, the more we can spend on some of our favorite gadgets!

What are some of the Black Friday advertisements in my inbox? Take a look below.


applestore saleToday only, Apple is offering rebates in the form of an Apple Store gift card. Add this discount to the free shipping, and an online purchase made today can discount a new MacBook Pro (or MacBook Air, or iMac) by $150, while a new iPad Mini or iPad 2 will score you a $50 card, and an iPad Air will get you a $75 gift card. An iPod Touch purchase will reduce its price with a $50 gift card, and a $25 gift card will accompany an iPod Nano selection.



BodyGuardz, one of the premier screen protector makers for electronics, has reduced prices at the website by 50% for four days – including their ScreenGuardz Pure. According to their website,

We’ve blacked out our entire site and slashed prices by 50% on everything. No coupon codes needed, just straight savings. Refreshing, right?


zooguesaleZooGue, an excellent case and stylus maker, is offering discounts on many of their products as well. Unlike others, ZooGue isn’t advertising these promo codes on their website. Be sure to use the codes above to get your discounts!



Zagg is offering the bring-you-back approach: like Amazon’s Gold Box deals, Zagg is offering hourly discounts on different products and calling it a Black Friday Flash Sale. While you can see the current deal and the preview the next pending deal, painfully, you can also see all the deals you missed.




If you’re on the pathway to health and fitness (or wish to be), app maker lolo is discounting all their by half. I have reviewed nearly all their apps and highly recommend them if you’re already fit – or want to begin a workout journey.


Brenthaven Black FridaySoon after posting, another advertisement arrived: Brenthaven is offering 30% off sitewide when using the provided promotional code, “GIVING.” Brenthaven is a superb company with stellar products (several reviewed here at iSource) that are designed to last a lifetime. This is a perfect time to invest in an iDevice accessory!


What are we missing? What other great deals are out there? Leave a comment and let us know!



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