Amazon takes a shot at the iPad in its latest advert for the Kindle Fire HDX. When it comes to Air, the retailer should stick to its delivery drones.
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Amazon mocks iPad Air in latest Kindle commercial

You know you have a cultural phenomenon on your hands when your commercials are continually parodied and mocked by fans, entertainers, and competitors alike. Such is the case with Apple, who sees their trademark style once again borrowed for Amazon’s latest ad for the Kindle Fire HDX. It comes with a hefty heaping of Apple slicing, as well.

The ad starts off harmless enough with the introduction of the iPad Air. Only, it is soon interrupted by a second narrator that points out all the areas in which the Kindle one-ups the Air, including price.

After their showing on 60 Minutes, the only time we really care to see the word “Air” associated with Amazon is in the form of their drone-led Amazon Prime Air service. But hey, you know what they say. Imitation (and in this case parody) is the most sincere form of flattery.


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