It’s official: Instagram users love posting pictures of food. Turkey and latkes combined for a record setting day for the photo sharing network. Up next: Christmas.
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‘Thanksgivukkah’ leads to record day for Instagram

What happens when two holidays each with their own traditional meal collide? A record day for Instagram, duh.

Long known for hosting all of your friends’ food pictures that you never look at anyway, the rare occasion dubbed “Thanksgivukkah” (Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah falling on the same day) led to a huge day for the photo sharing network. Turkeys, stuffing, gravy, and latkes assaulted the eyes of Instagram users everywhere as they attempted to recover from their food-induced comas.

With the Christmas decorations already surfacing in my feed, I can’t wait for everyone to post lightly-filtered pictures of the presents under the tree and holiday hams on table in only a few weeks.

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