Apple has acquired social analytics firm Topsy, whose work up until now has mostly focused on Twitter. How will Apple repurpose Topsy's technology to fit their needs?
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Apple buys Twitter analytics firm Topsy for $200M


While the holiday season should see Apple raking in a ton of dough, the company has also done their fair share of spending in recent weeks. After acquiring PrimeSense last week, reports indicate that Cupertino has just closed on a deal with Topsy, purchasing the the Twitter analytics firm for over $200 million.

Speculation is that Apple is less interested in the Twitter part and more concerned with analytics, and could use Topsy to improve targeted iAds, push trending news topics, or conduct App Store analytics. Topsy, though entirely focused on Twitter up until this point (they recently launched a dedicated search engine for the social network), has suggested in the past that their analytical prowess could one day be employed for other purposes.

Unlike PrimeSense, which at least had us dreaming about motion controls for our iDevices until those hopes seemed squashed, the Topsy acquisition is a bit less for the common man to get excited about. How do you think Apple will leverage their latest buy?

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