One analyst has done the dirty work to determine what anyone shopping for an iPad mini with Retina display likely already knows: they aren’t easy to come by this holiday shopping season.
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As expected, Retina iPad mini stock coming up short for the holidays


Black Friday came and went, and, in many cases, so has the iPad mini with Retina display. Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore did some digging, contacting various Apple Store outlets as well as third-party retailers, to determine that as the holiday shopping season kicks into full gear, there simple aren’t enough new iPad mini tablets to go around.

Whitmore concluded that 13 percent of Apple Stores lacked any stock for WiFi-only Retina iPad mini models. 20 percent were zeroed out on cellular-equipped models. For third-party sources such as Best Buy and wireless carriers, the rates were even higher, often above 50 percent.

On the converse side of the matter, Apple seems to have plenty of iPad Air and iPhone 5S units to go around, which matches other reports we have heard on the matter. All are expected to be major sellers this holiday season.

[via AppleInsider]

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