AT&T will begin offering a new low-cost and contract-free service option as part of their Mobile Share Value service options, which go live on December 8th. Unlimited talk and text plus 300MB of data for $45.
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AT&T launching contract-free Mobile Share Value plans on December 8th


AT&T is set to introduce new Mobile Share Value plans this month, including a contract-free option for customers purchasing a phone through AT&T Next or bringing their own device to the network. The option to go without a yearly commitment saves users $15 per month.

The result is service plans priced as low as $45/month for unlimited talk and text plus 300MB of data, including $0 down for a device if purchased as part of the AT&T Next early upgrade program. Speaking of, a secondary Next option will be made available, pushing the first upgrade window back to 18 months but driving down the price of monthly installments.

AT&T’s announcement comes only a few months after T-Mobile initiated their “UnCarrier” program, seeking to shake up the way service providers and subscribers do business by moving away from the standard two-year-contract-with-subsidized-phone model. So far, it’s working. Not only has T-Mobile seen an uptick in subscribers, but the other major carriers in the US have followed suit, introducing early upgrade options and now low-cost, contract-free services. AT&T’s new Mobile Share plans go into effect as of December 8th.

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