President Barack Obama is a BlackBerry user, don’t you dare think otherwise for one second. But if he even wanted to use an iPhone, he couldn’t. It’s an issue of national security.
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Obama concedes he couldn’t use iPhone even if he wanted to


Barack Obama’s a BlackBerry kind of guy. He’s made no secret about it. But what if the Commander in Chief was interested in checking out all the work Apple has put into iOS 7? He couldn’t. It’s an issue of national security.

The President clarified the matter after mentioning expensive phone bills in relation to low-cost healthcare provided as part of Obamacare, saying that “security reasons” indeed prevent him from taking up Apple’s handset. It’s not enough to keep him away from his iPad, however.

That’s not to say Apple and the POTUS don’t have a close relationship. Here’s a peek at some of the pre-planning that went into the making of the iPhone 5S:


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