Rebellion Games has just discounted the visually stunning action game Joust Legend today to coincide with a major update to premium customization options in the game.
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Joust Legend from Rebellion Games on sale this week


Rebellion Games has just discounted the visually stunning action game Joust Legend today to coincide with a major update that allows players to customize their players and their horses, in addition to providing upgradable in-app purchases of complete sets of equipment that can be added at the users discretion.  It will now be free for a full week, from December 6 to the 13th.

Rebellion CEO, and champion jouster Jason Kinglsey (thank you very much) alludes there is much more in the works…

We’ve just started out with Joust Legend – it was a fun and challenging project for our team, and the positive reaction to the game was even greater than we hoped for.  Today’s update is just a small step towards some great plans we’ve got – getting new players into Joust Legend and offering them new ways to play

I just downloaded this game and started playing it for the first time, and I was thoroughly impressed.  Not only was the addictive gameplay a huge plus, but the immersive, visually stunning graphics were more than I anticipated from most mobile games.


Designed for both the iPhone and the iPad, Joust Legend not only supports devices as old as the iPhone 3G and original iPad, but it also includes GameCenter, and my personal favorite, iCloud support.  There is nothing better than being able to pick up where you left off on another iOS device!

Don’t let this deal pass you up.  Get on over to the App Store now, and get it while it’s still free.  One word of caution, though–in app purchases are very tempting, and can add up quick at $5 or more each.



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