New Trent's case for the iPad (except iPad Air) shows major promise if you hold your iPad for work or play. Read to see why!
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Review: Gladius iPad Case by New Trent


The last review of a New Trent product (here) left me starry-eyed and excited, so I was equally as optimistic for the hand-held iPad 2, 3, or 4 case called the Gladius. The Gladius has a unique feature, and if you’re someone who constantly holds an iPad (non-Air version) at work or play, this case might just be for you.

A Case…

In essence the Gladius is a snap case that protects the rear of your iPad (excepting iPad Air). And admittedly, the snap case is a very good fit: it’s easy to put on and challenging to remove. It has light padding on the inside so an iPad rests snugly in the half shell.


…with a Unique Design

What sets the Gladius apart is its uniquely designed rotating hand strap. The brown leather strap on the rear of the case is nicely tanned and suede-soft on the underneath that rests on the back of your hand. The strap rests in a large circular, rotating disk. This design, unique to New Trent (and a strength in its iPad Mini case) means the user has total freedom in how s/he holds the iPad and the screen can always be at the right angle! This seems like a salesperson’s delight: no longer does an iPad case require you to adjust your arm and hand.


The handle is also adjustable. Pop open the small doors where the ends of the hand reside to reveal the pins and holes of the handle. Like a belt, the strap can be taken in and tightened. Be careful, though, to ensure that the strap is securely pushed down on the plastic pins or the result could be disastrous.

gladius_image04 gladius_image06


How well-designed is the Gladius‘s overall fit? Well, a couple of times I found my son (who should know better) carrying the iPad face down by the leather handle (gasp!), and the case or handle never failed. Whew!


Given that the strap is secured in a large circular disk, there justifiably would be some concern that the rotation could inadvertently etch the back of one’s beloved iPad. There is no fear, however. The interior padding provides not only enough lift to keep the iPad secure in the corner snaps but also lifts the iPad away from the rotating disk.


Hold on… there’s a Downside

The only significant downside of the Gladius is that since it’s designed specifically for holding an iPad, sitting the iPad on a table for use is awkward. While there is a separate “removable wall clip” (which means misplace-able too) that doubles as a stand, the stand only works in portrait and sits the iPad at a picture-frame-angle on a flat surface. Want to use the iPad’s virtual keyboard when resting on a table in this case? Think again.


New Trent has shown true promise as an iDevice designer. The Gladius has a killer design and is a keeper if you frequently use your iPad as a handheld device. If, however, your iPad alternates from hand use to table use, think carefully.

The New Trent Gladius is available for $29.95 on the New Trent website or in US at (with 4.5 / 5 stars) for $21.95 at the time of this writing.

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