The last few years we have seen an increased push to transform our smartphones into electronic wallets of sorts. The Coin card is a localized place to store all the cards you use. Still sound interesting? Check out what else it can do.
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Will Coin flourish where other electronic wallet solutions have failed?

coin_brandThe last few years we have seen an increased push to transform our smartphones into electronic wallets of sorts.  We can already do so much with them, why not include the ability to use them to pay for commodities and services we purchase while away from home?  I for one am intrigued by the idea, as I absolutely hate carrying my wallet with me, and I know many of my friends feel the same way.

What is Coin?

Coin is a new technology that allows users to store as many cards as you want on one Coin card.  With Coin you can store credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, rewards cards–virtually any kind of card that has a magnetic strip that can swiped.  Then when you want to use one of the cards on your Coin you simply select that card from a digital window on the card, and present it to be swiped.  Your Coin acts just the way any credit card you would use.

How do you add cards to Coin?

To add a card to coin, simply swipe it with the credit card attachment that is inserted into your head-phone jack on your iPhone.  After swiping the card, use your iPhone camera to take a picture of the front and back of the card to identify it.  All this information is accessed through the Coin app downloaded from the App Store.


Coin card security

Is the Coin card safe?  What if I leave it at the last place I paid for an item, will the person who found it now have access to all my credit card information stored on Coin?  First and foremost, your Coin card is paired with your iPhone and uses a low powered BlueTooth signal to communicate with each other.  When your Coin card and iPhone are separated a pre-determined distance, your phone will sound an alert to let you know.

How do I get my hands on a Coin card?

Good question!  Coin is not cheap.  The selling price for your Coin card is $100.  However, if you act within the next 5 days, they are currently running a 50% off special.  Unfortunately, you have to pony up the cash now, and your Coin card will not be available until Spring of 2014.  Want more info, check out the video below, and also visit their homepage–but do it fast if you are serious, because the special 50% off deal ends this week.



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