Apps such as VEVO, RealPlayer Cloud, Songza, and Plex have introduced support for Google’s low-cost media streaming dongle as part of the latest push behind Chromecast.
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10 new apps gain support for Google’s Chromecast


Google’s Chromecast got off to a bit of a slow start, but a serious push from Google sees 10 new apps gaining support for the streaming media dongle today. The mass announcement follows news of HBO Go receiving support for the $35 device last just a few weeks back.

Not all apps feature iOS equivalents, but those receiving updates today or slated for updates to enable Chromecast support include:

Several of these apps for the first time enable the ability to stream your own saved music, video, and photos from an iPhone or iPad to a larger screen via Chromecast. The feature was glaringly absent when the device initially launched.

With this latest round of updates, Chromecast, already a steal at its current price, becomes an even more appealing option for those looking to add a layer of smart to their otherwise dumb TVs.

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