It’s no Google Glass, but Apple was recently granted a patent for an adjustable wearable display that look like it could be from the ski slopes of the future. Will these high-tech goggles ever come to fruition?
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Apple granted patent for video goggles


Apple hasn’t shown any indication that their ventures into wearable tech will include anything more than a smartwatch in the near future, but one patent dating back to before the launch of the first iPhone tips their interest in other possibilities. The patent, which covers a set of adjustable video goggles, has more in common with the Oculus Rift than it does Google Glass and covers a device for viewing media rather than acting as a personal HUD for a user’s everyday life.

The headset would feature individually adjustable displays that could be fine-tuned to a user’s vision. While not designed specifically as a piece of virtual reality kit, the design leaves open the possibility for 3D.

An provisional version of the patent was filed in 2007 followed by the full full filing in 2008, and the USPTO has only now gotten around to approving it. In that time, the idea of an Apple headset has been bandied about, but there have been no clear indications that plans exist to launch such a device. Given recent developments in wearable tech, it wouldn’t surprise us if Apple decides to go in a slightly different direction should they release such a piece of headwear in the future.

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