A year since its last iOS installment, the popular sandbox action-adventure series Grand Theft Auto is getting another mobile entry. Are you ready to dive back into the criminal underbelly of San Andreas?
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GTA: San Andreas rolling out to App Store now


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is rolling out to the App Store now, although it isn’t yet available in all regions (including the US at time of writing). The title is a port of the original, released in 2004, bringing the open-ended sandbox gameplay to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with enhanced graphics and mobile-specific controls.

GTA: San Andreas is the sequel to GTA: Vice City, which was released to the App Store last December, and follows the criminal exploits of a gang member operating within the underbelly of the titular city.

The game officially launches tomorrow, December 12th, which happens to be the current date on countries located on the other side of the International Date Line. For all others, the GTA: San Andreas will go live when the clock strikes midnight.

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