A recent report from China Labor Watch notes a number of deaths occurring at a Pegatron facility in China. Apple has dispatched an independent medical team to investigate.
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Apple has independent team investigating deaths at Chinese factory


A spate of recent deaths at a Pegatron factory in China resulted in Apple dispatching an independent medical team to the facility to review the safety of working conditions. A China Labor Watch report issued this week pointed to several deaths occurring over “a short period of time” at the factory operated by Pegatron, though it did not name specifically if the undisclosed number of fatalities were linked to the manufacturing of Apple products.

The most shocking case involved the death of a 15-year-old in October due to complications associated with pneumonia despite a physical administered by Pegatron a month earlier giving the teen a clean bill of health. The independent team hired by Apple found no link between the working conditions of those manufacturing iPhones and iPads and any of the reported deaths.

Despite the findings, Apple is continuing its efforts to work with manufacturing partners to provide a safe environment and ethical treatment of laborers. This isn’t the first time Apple’s name has been associated with poor working conditions, and it likely won’t be the last.

[via Bloomberg]

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