The developers behind Fleksy are hoping to buck Apple and convince developers to enable their keyboard as a default input method, but they are going to need the help of many, many developers.
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Fleksy working around Apple to become first universal third-party keyboard for iOS


Apple doesn’t support third-party keyboards as part of iOS, but one company is hoping to work around this seemingly insurmountable issue to bring their input alternative to the masses. Fleksy, a keyboard that — like others of its ilk — offers improvements to the typing experience by way of shortcuts and gestures, wants to be your default iOS keyboard. Here is how they plan to do it.

While Apple does not allow users to change their default text input method systemwide, developers can enable their own keyboard on an app-by-app basis. This is rarely taken advantage of because it typically means building an entire keyboard on top of the development of the actual app. Fleksy, however, is providing any developer that wants it with a simple line of code that would enable their keyboard as the default input method in any app.

Seems simple enough, right? Developers don’t have to build an entirely new keyboard, but with Fleksy they are able to easily enable an alternative. The problem is convincing developers that what Fleksy offers is truly better than Apple’s default. So far, a few relatively minor players including Wordbox, Blindsquare, and Launch Center Pro have signed on. That still leaves millions of apps to go before Fleksy takes over iOS.

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