Satechi has just introduced there new AirBass Active Bluetooth Speakers--the perfect audio accessory for your home or office. now you can stream your music while charging your iOS device.
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Satechi introduces AirBass Active Bluetooth Speakers


Satechi has just introduced their new AirBass Active Bluetooth Speakers–the perfect audio accessory for your home or office. These sleek BT speakers come with a glossy black or white finish, and are now available for the introductory price of $99 on their website and through Amazon.

The AirBass Active Bluetooth Speakers feature Acoustic AirBass technology which produces deep bass and dynamic mids and highs for room-filling, crisp sound. For additional bass, users can also easily connect a subwoofer to enhance the sound.

Streaming music from your laptop or desktop computers as well as your iOS device has never been easier.  In addition, now you can charge your iOS device via a 5V, 1 amp USB port while streaming music wirelessly.  As always, you still have the option to connect any device directly via the auxiliary output.





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