Analyst: By 2017, two-thirds of Americans will own an iPhone


Horace Dediu of collaborative analytics site Asymco has studied the statistics and predicts Apple’s iPhone will account for 68 percent of the US mobile market come 2017. Looking at data for all major platforms, Dediu has determined that the iPhone’s trajectory most closely reflects the overall growth of the smartphone market.

While other platforms have peaked and dropped off, Apple’s continues to grow in a relatively predictable, logistic way. Extrapolating data based on overall smartphone growth, Dediu predicts that over 2/3 of Americans over the age of 13 will own an iPhone by 2017. The exact number is pegged at 180 million US citizens.

As with all analysis, the conclusion reached is based on several assumptions that could fluctuate over the coming years, but considering the data now available the result seems almost inevitable. You can see the full breakdown of how the number was reached by following the source link below.

[via Asymco]

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