The user interface of Mailbox is clean, uncluttered and a joy to work with. Now with the latest software update, you can add iCloud and Yahoo email accounts to your Maibox app running on your iPhone or iPad.
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Mailbox now supports iCloud and Yahoo email accounts in latest update



I’ve been longing for additional email account support from Mailbox since day 1.  I absolutely love the user interface of Mailbox, and find the clean, uncluttered look to be one of its biggest strengths.  When they added support for the iPad in May and introduced the two panel layout, it became my go-to there as well.


It was my favorite Gmail client back in February when I reviewed it here on iSource, and it has only gotten better.  Rumored to be in the works from the beginning, Mailbox now supports email for iCloud and Yahoo accounts.  The latest software update, version 1.7.0 also adds

– Background syncing
– Option to disable “help me get to zero” banner
– Option to disable swipe to open drawer
– Bug fixes and UX improvements

Will we see further support for additional platforms in the near future?  Looks that way as the folks at Orchestra note on the latest update that even though Mailbox is currently for Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo accounts, other email platforms are coming soon.  That’s great news, as I would love to stay in Mailbox for all my email triage.  


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