TellTale’s Walking Dead: Season 2 lands on iOS

TellTale Games’ Walking Dead: The Game was a pleasant surprise when it landed as a multi-platform release last year, and anticipation has been high for its followup. After a long enough wait, The Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2 has arrived bringing us the next chapter in little Clementine’s journey through a zombie-ravaged world.

As with the first “season,” the second installment of The Walking Dead: The Game plays out in an episodic format with a strong emphasis on storytelling. The adventure game focuses on character development through interactive dialog and sprinkles in a dose of puzzles and action throughout.

For now, only the first episode of season two of this Game of the Year winner is available at a base price of $4.99. Future episodes will be released as in-app purchases, but players can buy a bundle of future episodes in advance for a discount.

[via iTunes]

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