What a day this has been for the jailbreak community. We all woke up to a surprise untethered jailbreak this morning from the evad3rs team. Why the out of the blue release, and what does TaiG, a Chinese app repo have to do with it?
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iOS 7.x Jailbreak: Piracy, money, and TaiG, the Chinese App Store


What a day this has been for the jailbreak community.  We all woke up to a surprise untethered jailbreak this morning from the evad3rs team.  Most were excited, but curious why the out of the blue release?  No warning. No lead up to the announcement of the release.  No pent-up demand to exploit.  No expectations.  Was this a strategic release? Did the evad3rs team “need” to release the jailbreak now?

Riding the storm out

The iOS 7.x jailbreak was giving some users problems.  That happens every year, no biggie.  The evad3rs team was quick to update their FAQ’s section of their website with the latest info on some of the more common issues people were having, and what to do about it.  Sounds good.  What we didn’t see coming for the rest of the day was the storm of accusations and explanations that would soon follow.  This exciting day for the jailbreak community quickly became a volatile finger-pointing fiasco that is still unfolding as I write this.  There was so much information coming in at one time, it was too difficult to process the fact from the conjecture.  So we sat back, et it unfold, and tried to make sense of it all.

This is what we know about the 7.x Jailbreak

The evad3rs team acknowledged entering a lucrative deal with TaiG, A Chinese repo similar in function to Cydia.  The agreement allegedly required TaiG to prevent the use of pirated software on their repo site.  It must be noted that the only time users would see TaiG would be if they had their language setting on their iOS device to Chinese.  It has been suggested that this concession was made in an attempt to lessen the learning curve to Chinese users who speak very little or no English.  If you have your language set to anything else, you will only see Cydia.  In addition, Chinese users supposedly had the option of only installing Cydia as well when prompted.

Now this is where the situation went down hill fast.  TaiG did not live up to their end of the deal initially, basically allowing a countless catalogues of pirated apps in their repo.  However, at the request of the evad3rs, they were quick to remove any and all pirated apps that were discovered.  It’s also important to understand that even though Cydia does not install a pirated repo as a default Jailbreak App store on your iOS device when jailbroken, many users have been doing just that since the very beginning.

What are evad3rs doing to prevent piracy?

Later this evening after the onslaught of accusations, pod2g announced that the evad3rs have decided to remotely disable the default installation of TaiG in China until they can look further into the piracy claims.



Why was the iOS 7.x Jailbreak released in this manner?

It has been speculated that the evad3rs were in a rush to release their jailbreak, facing competition from different teams.  These teams were all working toward the same goal, and exploits and months of work being what they are to the jailbreak community, sometimes there is posturing and strategic positioning going on behind the scenes that we are unaware of until a later date.  Interestingly enough Geohot is one of the names being whispered about as well as Saurik himself working with an additional team.

Should you Jailbreak your device running iOS 7.x now or wait?

Personally, after the events of today have unfolded, I would wait.  I usually like to wait a few days anyway, just to be sure that aren’t any major concerns or bugs that would impair use of my primary iOS device.  But after seeing all the work that still needs to be completed, as well as updates to the evad3rs jailbreak needed to accomodate changes made when mobile substrate is updated, there is no need to rush in.  Many tweaks just aren’t going to work right now.  Add to that the fact that iOS 7.1 is in beta 2 already, and there just might be a new jailbreak right around the corner.

The evad3rs team did finally post their version of how everything went down and a little back history–worth a read.

Stay tuned right here for all the latest updates as we become aware of them.




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