Tips and tricks for new iPhone and iPad owners [iOS 101]


So you got a new iPhone or iPad this holiday season? Looking for a bit of help getting things set up to your liking? Our selection of tips and tricks should answer a few of your lingering questions (and maybe a few you didn’t even think of). Just click the links to jump to the full guides.

For those coming from Android


You’ve been an Android user up until this point, so we understand why that new iOS device might be a bit intimidating at first. Still need to move your contacts over? We’ve got you covered with our guide to transferring contacts from an Android device to the iPhone.

Your phone still don’t feel familiar enough? While it might serve you better in the long run to get used to using Apple’s first-party apps, we understand the attachment to Google’s array of services from Gmail to Google Maps and more. For you, we have our guide to getting the full Google experience on your iOS device.

General iOS 7 Tips & Tricks

iOS 7

iOS 7 has its quirks, from thin text that can often be hard on the eyes to motion effects (zooming graphics and parallax view) that can sometimes be hard on the stomach (if you’re easily nauseous). Here are a selection of tips and tricks to tailor the iOS 7 experience to your liking:

Of course, if you are a total newb you will probably want to start with our quick guide to iOS 7. And, because we appreciate you, here is an iOS 7 icon guide just for kicks.

Messaging and Calling Tips & Tricks

Hidden behind a guise of simplicity, Apple’s messaging and calling apps are actually pretty amazing if you know how to use them. From finding “secret” timestamps to reducing background noise during calls, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get the most out of messaging and calling:

A few More for the Road


The best part of owning a new device is figuring out how to use it, so while the above tips should get you started, some poking and prodding around your new device should uncover plenty more tricks. We suggest spending plenty of time exploring the settings menu.

But we don’t want to leave you empty handed, so we’ll leave you with a few more miscellaneous items. Have fun getting to know your new iOS device!

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