Microsoft fell far behind in the tablet race before finally getting serious about things last year with the Surface. Now, a year later, we finally see some legitimate Windows competitors emerging to take on the iPad Mini.
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The Dell Venue 8 Pro- The first legit Windows competitor to the iPad Mini


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take the Dell’s first 8″ Windows tablet, the Venue 8 Pro, for a spin. While it certainly didn’t dethrone my iPad Air or my wife’s Mini, I did find it to be a very capable device. So much so that my oldest son is now the proud owner of my 2nd Gen Nexus 7. Second place isn’t so bad, right?

Seriously though, the Venue 8 Pro is the first serious competitor to the iPad Mini from the Windows camp, and hopefully is a sign of good things to come. Now that Intel has an Atom processor with the right balance of power and efficiency, OEMs can more effectively pack the full version of Windows 8 into a small form factor. This is certainly more versatile and appealing than RT, and makes for a much better small tablet competitor than the Surface or other previous Windows efforts.


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